Friday, December 5, 2008


This book gets a ton of hype (being on Oprah and all) but it was self-indulgence on an epic scale. I hated the main character from the first chapter. I know I was supposed to gloss over it, but I couldn't forgive her for leaving her fairly decent husband just because "she didn't want to be married anymore." Then to get over this divorce (that was self-inflicted, let's not forget), she traipses all over the world in order to find herself. The take away message was very much "if we all journeyed we'd all be mentally healthier", but I did the math and evidently, mental health only comes to those who have two years to take off work and 150 grand in cash to drop. Too bad the rest of us are just going to have to make due with our glasses of wine and occasional bubble baths. We'll never get on Oprah that way.


Mommy's Sister...the younger said...

I love your review of this book. I do not want to spend my time reading a bunch of self-indulgent drivel like this. It will just piss me off. Thanks.

Mommy said...

'nuff said. It's scratched off my list.