Friday, November 13, 2009

A work of art, in both a good and bad way.

I read this one a while back, but I'm about to read another one of his so it reminded me to post it.

Boy, it's hard to describe because it transcends so many genres; science fiction, politics, social science, Native American, etc. It's about a self described "time traveling mass murderer", however not in a fun Terminator II way, more in like a thoughtful profound way. Eh, it's just too hard to describe.

While it was a great book and the writing was stellar, I'm not sure I can recommend it to people. It was so crushingly heartbreaking for me that I literally sobbed openly during it and almost didn't finish. You know how there are some things you wish you could unsee or unknow? This is one I wish I could unread because it hurt me so much. However, it's a testament to the writing that it was able to affect me that profoundly, which is what a work of art is meant to do.

I'll leave it up to you.

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