Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Julie and Julia

Cute story! You're thirty, you're bored and you like to cook...why not spend a year of your life cooking every single recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking! It's lighthearted and quirky and it makes you want to cook, though I never can see myself cooking an aspic or using bone marrow in my sauces and I'm not sure the amount of butter in these recipes is acceptable anymore, I like buying mayonnaise, rather than making it myself, and I like my minute rice just fine (no "bitch rice" here!). Bon Appetit!


Melissa said...

My french office mate keeps trying to get me to make my own mayonnaise (she's obviously never met me). She keeps swearing it's so easy. How it can be easier than taking $2.49 out of your wallet is beyond me.

rachel said...

Okay...the rice comment may have been taking it too far. Real rice is way better :)